Kirstin Deeken

Born in Halle, Kirstin grew up in a small village near Wittenberg.

Always greatly interested in foreign countries and cultures, Kirstin took a decision to learn several languages, completing her secondary school education at the Special School for New Languages in Schulpforte.

Thanks to the motivational and thought-provoking style of her instructor, after successfully completing her apprenticeship as a restaurant manager, Kirstin immediately decided upon a career at sea.

In 1994, Kirstin started her career with an American shipping company. Over the next few years, she worked as an Executive Maître, Executive Bar Manager and Public Room Manager for various German shipping companies with shipping routes across the globe.

After successfully pre-opening three ships, Kirstin worked for three years as an F&B Manager and a Hotel Manager for a German shipping company.

With her agency, Kirstin wishes to provide other employees with a favourable impression regarding career opportunities on board ship. She would like to be a personal career counsellor for each candidate, helping him or her find the right job and allowing the candidate to start the new position with a highly motivated and positive attitude.